MountainWave is a umbrella company based out of Calgary Alberta Canada. We are split into 2 divisions, Mechanical/Aeronautical design and Web Media.


We specialize in 3D computer aided design using SolidWorks and Sketchup software. Our designs have been featured at SolidWorks corporation, in Popular Science (Oct 2006) and have been used to break world records with Human Powered Vehicles (HPV’s) You can see the designs and record attempts at http://AdventuresOfGreg.com. Other design work that we have done includes plastic injected parts and molds thru to hydrogen fuel cells and military jet aircraft and armaments.

We are known to be the guys you go to when you have hit the ‘It’s impossible to do this’ statement in a design. We do not believe in the word impossible.

Web Media

Having made tutorial videos using screen capture and standard video. We started teaching unique uses and tips and tricks with SolidWorks software in early 2005. Since then the power and leverage of making online video content had some of our customers asking us to make videos for them. We also started on web marketing campaigns and have been quite successful in bringing our clients to the front of google searches under specific key words and phrases.

Having done this we decided to have some fun and have recently launched MechanicalMashup a DIY web series on fun exciting things you can make in your own shop with simple tools. Check it out!